Campus Games Society


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WINNER Society of the Year 2016 || WINNER New Society of the Year 2015

Campus Games society puts together regular events and alternative games like Humans Vs. Zombies, Battle Royale, Nerf Wars and Water Fights. We host a variety of events throughout the year, including less physically demanding games like Cards Against Humanity, LARP Scenarios, Werewolf and Quiz Night socials. You can make suggestions and vote on which games you'd like to play through our facebook page.

Campus Games is a fun, active and social way to take your minds off your studies for a few hours, de-stress and meet like-minded people! The £5 membership fee helps us pay for equipment like nerf guns, flags, and bandannas. It also goes towards prizes and trips to Paintball and Laser Tag.

Champion of the Games

Throughout the year we keep a scoreboard of points. Participants with paid memberships earn points for winning team and free-for-all games, and for participating. At the end of the year the winner is named Champion of the Games and we have a celebration in their honour.

Past Winners:

  • N/A (2018)
  • Angus Allen (2017).
  • Angus Allen (2016).
  • Lisa McEvoy (2015).

Make sure you check us out on Facebook to keep up to date on games and events!

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