Socialist Society


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Who are we?

We're a community of politically left students who enjoy discussing politics over a beer and participating in political campaigns. We have links with similar societies across the South West such as Univeristy of Bath and University of Bristol.

What we stand for?

We're a general left society so we officially have no affiliation to political parties. Although we support parties with socialist values, we mainly focus on causes which are important to us. At the moment we're involved with the Free Education movement, Cut the rent campaign and Movement for Justice.


Campaigns we've attended

Birmingham against cuts demo.


Free education demo - London. We joined thousands of students from universities across the UK for a day of protest against the increase of tuition fees.


Save Bath Library demo. Bath council at the time wanted to remove Bath library so a demonstration took place to protest it.


Surround yarls wood demo. Detention center for female migrants who are treated like prisoners while the government decides what to do with them. The detention center infringes on women's rights, human rights. justice and equality. 

Bristol Labour rally 


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