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We train hard//  Thursdays at Hayesfield Girls School, 8-9pm  


 *first session 4/OCT*

We party hard//   EVERY WEEK! 


The BSU Basketball Society is all about improving your ball game on court and partying hard with your basketball squad after! SO much so that we've nicknamed ourself the Shot Society. We take shots on court and shots off!



Currently the newest of the socities, we aim to be the fresh cool kid on the block. If you like hoops, amazing people and super fun times then our society is the one for you! We train hard to make the games easy, and party the #shotsoc way! We have weekly training sessions which include fitness, cardio, flexibilty and matches of basketball - these are perfect for those who want to get to grips with the sport and improve their skills. Never-caught-a-ball-in-my-life beginner or I-live-in-my-Air-Jordans, you're not going to be alone - we offer mixed ability training and mixed teams.We really hope you like our inclusive vibes to the sessions, it's all about sharing the love.



We also hope to run loads of fun basketball sessions, taster sessions, basketball BBQ's, fitness evenings and general messing around where we play casual games, (do shots ... you decide which type) and have fun meeting other people who share the same passions as ourselves. And then, we come to the socials.

Ah, the socials.

Every week its gonna be something different, from *MASSIVE* Bath nightclubs who're gonna bring exclusive offers just for our partying needs or more chill activities like pub quizzes! We also hope to get you out and about in town and across all the campuses meeting people from all the other BIG ball societies, and staging socials and matches (IF THE SOCIETY GODS ALLOW). Fingers crossed.



Get on court with us this year! We can't wait to see you.



Until Freshers


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