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Hello and welcome to the Warhammer society - a positive outlet for your inner bloodlust. 

We are the official NEW SOCIETY OF THE YEAR 2018 and our VP is SOCIETY MEMBER OF THE YEAR 2018! 

We meet every Tuesday evening to play violent games with little painted figures and a whole lot of dice. 

The primary aims of the society are for everyone to have fun and make new friends - the carnage always stays on the tabletop. 

If you can't make Tuesdays, or don't want to commit to coming every week, you don't have to - just join our Facebook group and ask for a game whenever you like!

As well as regular gaming nights, we will also be holding little tournaments and campaigns throughout the year. It's not just gaming though - if you prefer, you're always welcome to come and get some painting done in good company. 

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned veteran or if you've never played before, all are welcome and we have something for everyone. We are always willing to teach new players (and bring old ones up to speed). If you haven't got an army of your own, just ask to borrow one. We don't just play Warhammer - any violent miniature wargames or board games are welcome!   

Make sure to join the Facebook group as that is where we organise everything! 

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