Bath Spa Grow-Op


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Hi!! We're the Allotment Society, also known as the Bath Spa Grow Op!
We grow, tend to and eat veg on Newton Park Campus!

We've been allotted a decent sized plot of in a corner of the walled garden where we're allowed to grow food! We have access to a poly-tunnel, a shed for all our equipment and the glass house for germinating plants, as well the outside plot to grow on! 

Started a few years ago by a passionate student as a means of more effectively using otherwise wasted land for an incredibly positive purpose! Year on year it has grown and developed to a point where we are now having talks about providing for the SU kitchen or even selling the excess produce that we grow! 

Studies have shown that bacteria that live in soil can be absorbed through direct contact with the skin and act as an antidepressant similar to Prozac without the side effects, so what better way to cope with uni stress than to get back to nature, get your hands dirty, and be rewarded with self-grown, organic, fresh, free veg!! 

We're a very relaxed society and as much as possible we try to make decisions about what to grow and where, collectively. But we're enthusiastic about most suggestions, so if there's something you want to see grown then it more than likely will be! 
None of us have extensive gardening or growing experience so don't feel worried if you don't think you know much, neither do we! It's all new experiences and every year we learn something more and become more apt at what we do.

We don't ask anything of our members other than, lend a hand and reap the rewards.
We run two group sessions a week; Tuesdays at 11o'clock, and Thursdays at 11o'clock, we also run a bi-weekly Friday group session at 12o'clock, but if - like me - you enjoy a bit of solitude when you garden then feel free to pop along whenever and in whatever breaks you have. Just send me an email,, or a Facebook message, Ossian Radovini, and I'll provide you with access to the tools!

Peace, love and veg!!! <3

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