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Welcome to Bath Spa University Poker Society!
An awesome society dedicated to the great game that is poker! We run weekly events in the Students' Union Bar on the Newton Park Campus, and play the Texas Hold 'em (No Limit) with affordable buy-ins to make it accessible to everyone.

We host cash games as well as tournaments and visit Rainbow Casino in Bristol as a group a few times a year too. 

Any skill level is welcome: if you are a beginner we can teach you from the ground up; if you're an experienced player you can benefit from the competitive and professional nature of every event.

When's the Next Event?
For all details about the upcoming events, including socials, please like our Facebook page:


As the popularity of poker games likes Texas Holdem continues to increase, so too do the numbers of online matches, bets, and tournaments in the same vein. With this in mind, it's important to play safely by understanding how to navigate through sites which are trusted and those that are deemed unsafe through reviews and resource guides on sites like

As a society, we strive to uphold the tradition of this fantastic game with fun yet competitive matches and we hope you'll join us in the exciting rounds ahead! Please remember to gamble responsibly.



Q: What day do you normally play, and what time?
A: Our events usually take place on a Tuesday night from 8:00pm, though they are sometimes on a Thursday.

Q: What type of poker do you play?
A: We play the well-known Texas Hold 'em No Limit for both our cash games and tournaments.

Q: How much does it cost to play?
A: If you're a member of the society, it will only cost you the buy-in amount: usually £3 for cash games, and £5 for tournaments. If you're not a member, you'll be charged a 20% rake (commission), though this is waived the first two times you play and during Freshers' Week.

Q: I've never played poker but would like to learn and come to the events, is this possible?
A: Of course! Most of the new players to the society bring along a friend, which we highly encourage. The best way of learning is just to come to the events and get stuck in! We are all here to help you!

Q: Isn't it all just luck?
A: Of course there's some luck involved - around 20% if you ask the pros - but the majority is the skill of decision-making, some maths, psychology, and knowledge of the game. However, we are always more focused on our players having fun and enjoying the atmosphere rather than taking the game super seriously.


If you want to know about how the society operates, or have other questions, please get in touch with us:

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