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The Baking Society will meet every Monday on Newton Park Campus  in Commons 106 from 7pm. We will run a variety of social and club events including workshops to sharpen your skills in a variety of areas of baking including decorating and technical skills (like making meringues and baking allergy friendly goods!). Bake-Off evenings will be an opportunity for fellow bakers to share their creations and for us all to indulge our taste buds while having a good time hanging out. After we have all tasted our masterpieces, we will vote for a ‘star baker’ - a bit like the Great British Bake off! Each Bake-Off event we will have a different theme to focus on. Along with the regular meetings we will also get involved in charity events and competitions. In addition, we will keep our eyes open and keep you posted about local food events we can attend as a group or you might be interested in attending individually - some of our club members got to meet Mary Berry last year!

We will have hoodies available for club members to buy once term starts.

We only have 2 rules: 

  1. Bring your appetite with you to each meeting (there'll be alot of sweet treats)
  2. We understand it can be costly and time consuming to bake so we request that you try to bring bakes with you as often as you can. If you don't bring bakes to two consecutive 'bring bakes meetings' we ask that you bring them to the third so it's fair on your fellow members who are coming along to eat your bakes.

Let us know if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you!

Email us at:

Find us on Facebook: BSU Bakers

Find us on Instagram: bathspabaking