Bath Spa Students’ Union is committed to working alongside the local community by encouraging you, as students to engage in positive local action and volunteering opportunities. A fantastic way that showcases this is our Student-Led Projects.


What is a student-led project?

A student-led project starts off with an idea by one or a group of students that addresses a need in the community. It is then planned, developed, managed and delivered by those students to make a difference to the cause/issue the project has chosen to tackle. You may even wish to partner up with an organisation that focuses on this need in the local area or start a campaign from scratch.

Why get involved in a student-led project?

Not only does leading a project give you fantastic life and career-focused skills in many different areas such as management, volunteer co-ordination and marketing. It also gives you the opportunity to contribute to an important cause and feel a part of the Bath community that you live in.

See below for the current projects we have available: if you’d like to get involved in one please email

Can't find one that interests you - why don't you set up your own and get support and training from the SU? Register your idea here