SPA Weeks

SPA Weeks are coming to the SU! These ‘Special Projects and Activities’ weeks will give you a chance to get involved with a vast array of activities across the university campuses. SPA Weeks take place from 5th-9th November in semester 1 and from 18-22 March in semester 2. During these weeks there will be no timetabled teaching so you will have an option to get involved in many pop-up projects or activities on campus. So make the most of your SPA week by taking part in as many different activities as you can!


Week One Events 5th - 9th November


What are we doing?

The Students’ Union wants to help you make the most of your university experience. As part of Bath Spa University SPA weeks, the SU will be offering a range of workshops and sessions designed to help you develop key life skills and enhance your employability.

Are you interested in social enterprise or want to know how to use your social networking to enhance your chances of getting a job? Would you like to become more assertive or learn how to pitch your ideas better? Then our interactive workshops and skills sessions are for you.

The first SPA week in November will offer students a chance to meet other like-minded students, participate in workshops, and provide an opportunity to create a bid for one of three - £200 grants from the SU. These grants will be to support student-led projects within the local community or working as a social enterprise. More details to follow soon!

The second SPA week in March will then see the delivery of these projects. In between the two SPA weeks, the students’ union will be offering support and training for students leading these projects, including project management training and other skills development, such as team working.


You can view all university-run events here:


Community Energy Project - SPA Weeks
8th November 10am - 3pm
Newton Park Commons 125
To educate and advise other students on reducing carbon emissions, fuel poverty in their student house and how this contributes to the wider issues of climate change. Campaign planning and for a campaign week on WC/19th November
School Action Day
8th November 10am - 12:30pm
Commons G23/24
A workshop for Academic Reps and staff to discuss reoccurring issues to try to establish an action plan for moving forwards. Senior Academic Reps (SARs) will facilitate the workshops and provide summaries at the end of the workshops.
Spa Week: Cyber Security Taster
9th November 3pm - 4pm
Commons G32
The Cyber Security Society's first taster session!
The Incomplete and Non-Comprehensive Ultimate Quiz of Japan!
9th November 5pm - 7pm
Commons 105
Put your Japanese knowledge to the test for a chance to win an assortment of sweets and snacks from the Land of the Rising Sun...
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