University life is not just about academic achievement. It is an opportunity to pursue existing interests and discover new ones. We want to continue to expand upon the range of activities and opportunities students can enjoy during their time at Bath Spa. We also passionately believe that every student should have the opportunity to participate, and discover new interests and talents, irrespective of their background, previous experience or which campus they study at.

We understand that students may want different opportunities or have different amounts of time available at different stages of their time at University.  We want to ensure that the support we give for student led clubs, societies or activities or the opportunities that we develop for students to participate in are all high quality, affordable and help students get the most from their time at Bath Spa.


How we will achieve this

  • Develop a regular programme of activities and opportunities for students to take part in which expand the interests and experience of students
  • Undertake research and take action to remove barriers to participation
  • Support clubs and societies to grow and develop
  • Develop a visible presence and point of contact across campuses
  • Support student talent though showcasing exhibitions, performances and events


Measures of success

  • Increased participation in clubs, societies and activities to over 30%+
  • Establish an extra curricula activities programme
  • Equality of participation across whole student body