At Bath Spa, students often comment that there is a strong sense of community. Student life is often about developing a sense of belonging in a new community, whether that is in a group studying a particular course or module, through activities students are involved in, or as part of where students live, study or socialise.

We understand that the ability to make friendships and networks is an essential part of the whole University experience and we will ensure that we support, promote and develop opportunities for students to build friendships and networks, and sustain that sense of community.

We also recognise that there can be mixed views in the wider community where students may not always have a positive image. We will ensure that we support students to become active local citizens who are a valued part of the wider Bath community.


How we will achieve this

  • Develop opportunities for students to socialise through a regular programme of events and support for Clubs and Societies
  • Develop opportunities for students to volunteer in community projects and activities
  • Work with the Student Community Partnership, Newton St Loe Parish Council and key stakeholders to promote active citizenship and positively raise the profile of students within the community


Measures of success

  • Increase students involved in community volunteering
  • Having a strong programme of activities and student networks such as Clubs and Societies
  • Improved internal and external reputation of students