Students are at the heart of everything the Union does, so it is essential that we continually consult with students to inform the work of the Union. However we also recognise that without a co-ordinated approach this can easily risk creating survey fatigue and without a rigorous approach to research there may be groups of students who we do not speak to. We have already identified that we want to improve engagement with post graduate students and with those studying at certain campuses.

We also recognise that we could make much better use of digital platforms to engage with students and want to create a culture of having an on-going dialogue with students to ensure we are a well-informed, responsive organisation with students firmly at its heart.


How we will achieve this:

  • Improving our use of digital technology to communicate with students
  • Develop our use of segmentation, analytics and qualitative insight to target our efforts
  • Change the way we work to become more mobile and able to work across all the University campuses
  • Empower our student leaders to realise the potential use of digital platforms and various communication methods to ensure we continually challenge ourselves to put the students at the heart of the Union


Measures of success

  • Fully mobile work force
  • Increased voter turnout
  • Increased satisfaction of students
  • Equality of engagement and satisfaction across all groups and campuses