One of the unique roles and core purposes of the Union is to represent the views of students to the University to drive improvements which impact positively on University life. We do this through effective representation systems, facilitating and taking part in discussions with the University and campaigning for change.

We believe that all students should be supported to take an active role in shaping their educational experience and to become partners in their academic journey.

We also believe that we should support all students to have a voice in matters which directly affect them and which shape the University and Union alike.


How we will achieve this

  • Empowering students to campaign for changes which will improve the student experience
  • Re-designing our Academic Representation structure to reflect the academic changes within the University
  • Reviewing our democratic structures to ensure that all students have an equality of representation within the Union and to the University
  • Re-designing our democratic structures to encourage and facilitate engagement and improve the accountability of elected representatives
  • Developing the skills of our student leaders
  • Supporting the role of our Liberation Reps to ensure every student is empowered to have a voice and realise their potential


Measures of success

  • New Academic Rep system in place by 2016-17
  • Recognition of the impact of the Academic Rep system through mechanisms such at the National Student Survey and i-graduate Survey
  • Developing an ongoing system of training and skills development to empower student leaders to effectively lead debate & implement projects