Your Voice

I'm Ryan Lucas, and I have been elected as your Students' Union President for 2018/19. 

As President I am the leading student representative at Bath Spa University. This means I sit in many meetings, work in close partnership with the University and keep up to date with any national issues which may effect the Student Experience at Bath Spa.

As President I am the public figurehead of the organisation, ensuring the full-time elected Officers deliver their objectives and support the progress and reputation of the organisation to ensure the SU is committed to empowering the student voice at Bath Spa Univeristy. 

Around me are 3 full time Vice Presidents each with their own remits. Focussing on anything from the BME Attainment Gap, Postgraduate academic experience or working with the city of Bath to give Bath Spa Students wider opportunities. 

It's important to remember that as soon as you're enrolled as a student, you're automatically a member of the Students Union. This means you too can join in with Union, whether thats engaging within the Union democracy systems (such as sitting on our Democracy and Scrutiny committee), signing up to be a course Rep (I was one, it's pretty cool), or requesting me to hold a meeting surrouding an issue you would like to raise within the student body. 

Below you will find details of all your elected representatives, their areas of work and how you can get involved. 
It's definitely worth having a look around, and to be begin to
familiarise yourself with those who represent you. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me: