Your Academic Reps

Your Academic Reps are there to represent your academic interests, gathering student feedback and work with university and union staff to shape and improve your academic university experience. 

Other responsibilities of Academic Reps include; helping with the student-led staff awards, championing the National Student Survey, helping run campaigns and projects, and gathering student opinions on key issues. 


Hello, I am Annabelle Caley your Vice President Education.

My role in the Academic Rep system is to Chair the Student Representative Committee and ensure students educational needs are represented higher up in the university.

I work with Senior Academic Reps in working groups and sit in on Course Rep Round Tables. Meetings within the university I attend include; Learning and Teaching Committee, Academic Quality and Standards, Programme Approval and Review Sub-committee and Academic Board.  

You can contact me at:

For further information on the Academic Representation System, please contact the Representation and Advice Co-ordinator at 



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