Your Academic Reps

Your Academic Reps 

Whatever you think of your course, Academic Reps can help you get your opinions heard.

Academic Reps don't just attend meetings; they get up to all sorts, from organising teaching awards to campaigning for more space! They hold stalls, champion the National Student Survey and answer students' questions. 

We have created a diagram that shows the Academic Representation Structure at Bath Spa.


Course Reps 

There are two Course Reps for every year of every course and they meet regularly with University staff to represent students' views - the good, the bad and the ugly. 

Course Rep Role Description

To watch an introductory video for some information click here.

Course Rep elections will next take place in October 2018



Senior Academic Reps

We have Senior Academic Reps who represent students within their discipline on issues relating to teaching, learning, academic quality and the general academic welfare of students. 

A list of the current Senior Academic Reps for 2017/18 can be found here.

Undergraduate Senior Academic Rep Role Description

Postgraduate Senior Academic Rep Role Description


Senior Academic Rep elections will take place in October 2018 for postgraduate positions and Bath School of Art and Design undergraduate.