Black Lives Matter

Events in 2020 have shown there needs to be change. This needs to be nationally and particularly within small communities such as Bath Spa. 

Racism is a huge issue at Bath Spa University, and one that we have been raising for a long time. Like many of you, we have had enough and want to work even harder to tackle it.

Enough is enough. We promise to continue to pressure the University and fight any resistance to change we may come across. We are also committed to improving our Students’ Union and addressing any barriers black students face.

We started this campaign by hosting an online Anti-Racist forum on Friday 12th June so that together we can map the actions the Students’ Union can take forward to create change and tackle racism at Bath Spa University. Actions that came from this forum, can be found below.

We are committed to taking this work forward and will host monthly Anti-Racist Forums during term time, as well as keeping you updated about the actions we are taking.

We want to amplify the voices of our Black community at Bath Spa and support students to become proactive allies.