What's Changed?

What's changing in 2017/18?

You wanted "more study places in commons". We challenged the Univeristy to improve study space across campus. In response they have since added and increased tables and chairs across commons.

You wanted your lectuers recorded so we have approved the Minerva Lecture Capture policy. This will enable staff to record lectures and teaching sessions. 

You asked us to "get First Bus to spell 'University' correctly on the U6"...we have since followed this up and First Bus have changed the spelling for every bus on that route. 


You wanted us to get 'A light for Green Park House Bin store', the University have since ordered battery powered lights which will be installed on arrival.


Gender Neutral Signs added to key toilets in the common's building. With confirmation that the new Locksbrook campus will have gender neutral toilets. 

The Students' Union is working with a website that enables you to rate and review your landlord, letting agent, rental property and neighbourhood. This will help us to find out what the student housing situation is really like.

Bath School of Art and Design have released guidance regarding additonal course costs at the school. 

We have intoduced a Gender Equality Liberation Rep.


We have added a scrutiny process, updated our Officer roles and increased the number of Student Trustees. 

Constitution has been updated for the first time since 2010 to make it more relevant to our student body. 

Baby Changing Facilities have arrived and have been fitted in Ashton.

The University is no longer advertising or marketing new courses which have not been approved. 

£3 minimum card spend in Sion Hill Cafe no longer applies. 


Following the idea on 'Change Your Facilities' the £3 minimum card spend in Starbucks and the Refectory on the Newton Park campus does not apply anymore. 


Now students can see room timetables and view availability online.


Bath School of Art and Design have recently purchased new                  photographic equipment as well as increased technical support to        benefit students to the value of £65,000.


College of Liberal Arts has added £69,000 on new camera equipment to reflect a rise in student numbers. This reflects the wider academic strategy to broaden access across the College with further investment planned this year.


The transfer digital printer at Sion Hill has been replaced. With maintenance and repair undertaken for other printers under a service contract and the small colour has been replaced.


Tables and chairs in Commons G23/24 and 2nd floor will be changing.


New facilities for Music and Performance students reflecting rising student numbers - a further 4 large and 3 smaller spaces are now operational at Culverhay. Design discussions currently underway to provide new studios within the new Oldfield Park Centre complex.


Maintained facilities for Music and Performance students - Pavilion and La Scala maintained for full access alongside Burdalls Yard and The Naturals Studio with



What changed in 2016/17?

Assessment printing is now free when lecturers ask for a hard copy.

Vegan options are available in the SU Bar and Shop.