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    Find Alternative to plastic cups


      Change Your Facilities

      I believe the plastic cups at the water filters in the university buildings on Newton Park campus should be removed. They are unsustainable for the environment and the demand increases a higher risk of them ending up in waterways and rivers, causing harm to wildlife. They could easily be replaced with a biodegradable paper cup or students and staff could be given a refillable bottle during their time at Bath Spa so that there is no need for cups at all. This would benefit students because how we treat the world around us impacts our own wellbeing and mentality about how to live sustainably with the environment. Also, the psychological benefits of having a refillable bottle or ditching plastic is that it creates a stronger connection between students and their environment, positively changing their attitudes about the value of nature and the world.
    Peter Clark
    5:26pm on 29 Oct 17 Not everyone wants to carry a water bottle around with them.
    Charlotte Henderson-Howat
    6:42pm on 29 Oct 17 I'd agree that water bottles are not for everyone, however paper cups would be a great solution
    Natasha George
    8:27pm on 29 Oct 17 As a green university we should definitely be encouraging reusable bottles and trying to discourage the throwaway mentality we have attached to plastic. For visitors or others who don't have their own bottle, biodegradable paper cups would definitely be a better solution.
    Louise Thacker
    2:25pm on 30 Oct 17 I agree that bottles may not be to everyone's suitability and so an alternative such as paper cups would be better. I'm currently looking into other alternatives so I can add these as we go along!
    Amy Barrett
    7:02pm on 13 Dec 17 Completely agree – we shouldn't be encouraging the 'throw away' mentality!
    Louise Thacker
    7:07pm on 13 Dec 17 Absolutely, totally agree!
    Leah Volak
    1:04am on 15 Dec 17 I think we should have regular water fountains that have a tap for refillable bottles. Many machines like this even have a counter displaying how many plastic bottles have been saved by using the tap. Those who don't have a water bottle can still drink from the fountain.
    Louise Thacker
    1:10am on 15 Dec 17 Great idea!