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    Off-campus SU Facility


      Change Your Student Experience

      Seeing as we can't have student nights regularly in the SU due to surrounding communities, an off campus facility in a more appropriate area would really boost the student experience and encourage people to spend more time using uni facilities instead of the clubs.
    Penelope Durston
    4:03pm on 21 Nov 17 Completely agree, the university definitely needs to improve the student experience!
    Matilda Dodwell
    7:12pm on 21 Nov 17 Agreed, student experience definitely needs improving
    Alex Calver
    4:26pm on 23 Jan 18 This is especially helpful for students living off campus - such as freshers in Twerton, Green Park, Charlton Court, Waterside Court and the Sion Hill accommodation. Many freshers miss out on knowing about events happening at the on-campus SU and I know that I would have definitely benefitted from and off-campus facility in first year so that I could meet and integrate with fellow students in a safe and welcoming environment.