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    Transport from commons to SU


      Change Your Transport

      With the weather getting worse it would be an idea to have one of the security buggies taking students to A&B. It’s could be a way to raise extra money for the SU by charging a small fee for students to go from one end of campus to the other. It will be safer than walking from commons and much more convenient. It will also reduce the amount of delivery vans coming onto campus as students will be able to transport shopping easily.
    Josephine Palmer-Turk
    3:23pm on 22 Nov 17 It will also reduce the amount of supermarket delivery vans on campus as it won’t be necessary to carry shopping to gardens
    Elizabeth Davenport
    10:12am on 23 Nov 17 This would be handy for when you have classes back to back at opposite ends of the campus.
    Abigail Starr
    9:02pm on 7 Dec 17 Also good for disabled students! I personally would be so grateful on my bad days and I'm sure many others would be too!
    Amy Barrett
    7:13pm on 13 Dec 17 As another disabled student I would very much benefit from this, especially in the cold when symptoms seem to be much worse!
    Kyla Smith
    4:23pm on 8 Jan 18 Totally agree with the comments above. Getting a bus from commons to the SU is a far more safer option, especially for those with visual impairments who may not be able to see that well in dark conditions.
    Alex Calver
    4:23pm on 23 Jan 18 I'm definitely voting for this! I'm not a disabled student but I recently sustained an injury which has made it incredibly difficult to walk. Yet with lectures in Commons swiftly followed by having to run SU based events, it was made almost impossible to continue with regular activities and it made me realise how much our disabled students must suffer because of this. Not only this, but when the only AFFORDABLE place to really purchase food etc, is in the SU, and a huge majority of lectures happen in Commons, it's not exactly good that students are having to skip meals because they can't get to the SU between lectures to purchase affordable food.