Student Council

Bath Spa Students’ Union is a democratic organisation and is ran by Bath Spa students, it is Student Council that represents the voice of students.

Student Council has recently changed and now we have two main elements of the system:

Democracy and Oversight Forum

This is responsible for discussing and voting on ideas submitted by students which look to change, clarify or update the internal democratic rules of the Students' Union.

Votes of Confidence

This new initiative gives all Bath Spa students the opportunity to rate how satisfied they are with the work of the Students’ Union. The first ever Vote of Confidence is likely to be held in the third term of the academic year.

If the vote reveals that a significant number of Bath Spa students are not happy with the work of their Students’ Union then there will be an opportunity to tell us why by coming along to a Student Voice Panel.


The full and new terms of Reference for the new and improved Student Council can be found here