Any student can submit a proposal to change Bath Spa Students' Union or its current policy. 

Referenda are when all students vote for or against a particular proposal; they can be used to set Union policy relating to the work of the Students' Union, the University or the wider world. 

Before a referendum can take place, one of the following things needs to happen: 

  • 60 Bath Spa students sign a petition proposing a referendum
  • The Student Council or a General Meeting vote to have a referendum 
  • The Union's Board of Trustees decides to have a referendum

If you are a Bath Spa student and you have an idea that you think should become Union policy, a referenda is a good way to raise it. You can also write a motion for Student Council to vote on (you can find details here). 

If you would like help writing a proposal for Student Council or for a Referenda, you can email

The Union's Referendum Regulations can be read here.