Democracy & Scrutiny Committee

Bath Spa Students' Union is a democratic organisation and the role of the Democracy and Scrutiny Committee is to ensure that the voice and interests of students are represented in the decision making of the Union.

In particular, the Committee is responsible for:

  1. Developing the policy and by-laws of the Union, jointly with the Board of Trustees
  2. Ensuring that the Union has equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of its strategy and operations
  3. Ensuring the Union operates ethically
  4. Ensuring the Union and its officers are accountable to students
  5. Ensuring an equality of representation for all students

The Committee is made up of a broad range of representatives to ensure decisions made by the Committee are representative of the diversity of Bath Spa students. Members of the Committee include:

  • Two Senior Academic Reps to be chosen amongst the Elected Reps
  • Student Officers, to be chosen amongst the Officers
  • Two Equality Reps, to be chosen amongst the Reps
  • Four randomly selected/nominated students that hold elected status within the Students’ Union (e.g. club or society committee members, course or other reps)
  • Four student members elected by cross campus ballot

The four Sabbatical Officers also attend the Committee to contribute to discussions. However they also have to report on their work to Committee, who hold the Sabbatical Officers to account. Therefore the four Sabbaticals do not have a vote on the Committee.

You can find the full remit for the Committee HERE