Your Officers

Your Sabbatical Officers

Sabbatical Officers lead the Students' Union. They are Bath Spa students who have been elected by other students to work full-time in the Union. Each is responsible for a different area of the Union's activities whilst also being on the Board of Trustees.
The Officers (or 'Sabbs' as they are sometimes known) are based upstairs in the Union offices but you'll also find them out and about on campus, talking to you about what you want from your Union and your University.

Students' Union President - Emily Casey

Emily is the lead spokesperson for the Students' Union and all Bath Spa students. She works closely with the University to put you at the heart of all decisions. Email Emily -

Vice President Opportunities - Jack Mapston

Jack's job is to make sure that you are making the most of the opportunities available to you outside of your course. He leads on Students’ Union activities including all the clubs and societies, events, volunteering and trips abroad. Email Jack -

Vice President Welfare and Community - Megan Robertson

Megan leads on issues relating to student community - that includes local partnership, student housing, equality, welfare and general engagement with the community. Email Megan -

Vice President Education - Ceri Bailey

Ceri works alongside course reps and senior academic reps to ensure students voices are heard. She sits on higher boards within the university to consult on students needs and opinions. Email Ceri -