Your Officers

Your Sabbatical Officers

Sabbatical Officers lead the Students' Union. They are Bath Spa students who have been elected by other students to work full-time in the Union. Each is responsible for a different area of the Union's activities whilst also being on the Board of Trustees.
The Officers (or 'Sabbs' as they are sometimes known) are based upstairs in the Union offices but you'll also find them out and about on campus, talking to you about what you want from your Union and your University.






Your Student Experience Officers

Student Experience Officers are all current students and have been elected into these roles. They take the lead on key issues which effect students at Bath Spa Univeristy and are the leading voice in their elected area. Over the year they will each run focus groups to ensure that if something effects you within their remit you have a platform to put forward your opinion. You can find them across social media channels by following the links or by dropping them an email.