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    Advice for students out of work in September 2020

      As you know, the majority of students rely on part-time jobs to self-fund themselves at university. Many of those tend to work in bars and restaurants as a way of gaining income. However, due to covid-19, many bars/restaurants are said to be closed until Christmas, leaving students worried about how they will self-fund themselves in the next academic year (September 2020). I was wondering what advice or guidance could be given to those students who currently feel stressed about this. Obviously, hundreds of people across the UK will be out of work if this was to happen but was wondering whether the Student's Union could propose anything to the government about those students needing the extra funding if they are unable to find work in September. On another note, I would personally like to thank everyone in the Students Union for writing and arguing to Unite Students for not allowing us to pay rent in the third term of university if we're self-isolating at home. I now have very happy and relived parents!
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